All development processes are based on well established standards and follow best practice guidelines:

  • Project definition: analysis and specification of both user requirements and software design are based on our documentation standards covering functional analysis, high level technical design and detailed design. They include e.g. use cases, process flows, data models, field level design or state transition tables and form the basis for later acceptance testing.
  • Project communication: we have developed numerous tools to support and facilitate communication between the client/product owner and his/her offshore team as well as within offshore teams. They help us handle incident management, problem management and change management and govern the complete cycle from development through testing to debugging and regression testing. Real-time communication tools provide additional transparency and make sure that every project member is accessible at any point in time.
  • Project management: the project manager is responsible for meeting deadlines, controlling budgets and monitoring progress. He/she does this in close cooperation with his/her offshore team and with the help of efficient management tools. As a result, all reported issues and all deviations form the project plan become transparent at the earliest possible stage and trigger immediate actions.
  • Development process: all development effort is coordinated by an offshore project head leading the offshore team. Regular reviews of deliverables and key metrics with the project manager ensure that the project stays on track (agile approach).
  • Test procedures: testing is carried out on various levels with an overall functional and integration test at the end of each project. This final testing is based on documented test cases and test data which are delivered to you as part of the project scope.
  • Implementation: we offer onsite support for implementing each application and assisting you with acceptance testing.
  • Documentation: depending on the agreed project scope, documentation may include rollout and setup installations, operational guidelines, technical descriptions or online user help.